Recommend a Title for the Library
The Hartfield Library's collections are constantly being updated with new books, magazines, videos, and other information sources so library patrons can have access to current material. Librarians work with college faculty and staff to select most titles; however, this process is also available for all library patrons in the college's service area. If you have a title that you need for a research assignment, or for any other academic purpose, please submit the following information to the library at your earliest convenience.

1.  Your First Name
2.  Your Last Name
3.  Your e-mail address
4.  Your telephone number
5.  The title of the item
6.  The author of the item
7.  The publication/production date of the item

A member of library staff will notify when the item is ready for circulation, and you will have the first opportunity to check-out the item.

Please note that the library cannot purchase textbooks or any other information source that is sold in the college's bookstore. Moreover, the library reserves the right to deny any request that does not conform to the library's Collection Development Policy.